Block printing/rubber stamps

Where do you get the rubber you use for the stamp? Would you mind sharing the glowforge settings you use to cut out the rubber? I’m really interested in making some custom stamps—what a great idea!

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Welcome to the forum.

@joy_p welcome to the forum. You will find a treasure trove of information here for your :glowforge: projects, if you know how to find it.

The magnifying glass on the top right corner is your friend. Simply type rubber sources or rubber stamps and many articles will show where other users share their settings and experiences.

Usually setting for non-glowforge materials are found in the “Beyond the manual” section of the forum. Enjoy.

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In the print where colors overlap, what kind of ink did you use and what did you use to make it transparent. Thanks

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Using the wooden spoon was not my innovation, actually. Many hand printers use them!

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Yes. I am currently using Cranfield Safe Wash Relief ink. It is fairly expensive, but oh so nice to work with. If you decide to spring for it, consider getting a smaller size that comes in a tube, even though you get less ink per dollar. The tubs are very hard to manage; it gets everywhere.

If you want to try something that is less of an investment, try Speedball Permanent Fabric Block Printing Ink. It works well, but the cornfield allows for a more even coverage more easily. Both are permanent, and oil based, and both clean up with soap and water, while they are still wet.

There are other block printing inks that are not waterproof, but I do a lot of mixed media techniques and wanted my ink to be permanent and waterproof.

@regnaterrn The image with the overlapping transparent inks was made using ink pads, rather than block printing. The ink pads that are my current favorites are Tsuniko Versafine Claire. They are permanent, pigment based inks (pigment instead of dye means it dries slower, giving you more time to mess with it before printing).


Searching the forum will give you some great information. Here’s a blog post that I followed when first starting to make stamps. The author Danielle Wethington has a bunch of glowforge articles that could be useful. Here’s the stamp article:

Here’s her blog homepage:

I use the orange laser able rubber from amazon. You can find it on eBay for cheaper, but it literally comes over on the slow boat from China, and takes a couple of months.


Very cool project!

One word of safety from previous experience to share with everyone on the thread – always check the rubber material you’re cutting to see if it’s a chlorine based molecular structure (many are). Cutting chlorinated rubbers w/ the GF releases chlorine gas that will corrode metal surfaces in the GF. Also chlorine gas is super poisonous.

I didn’t watch the video you linked and maybe it’s brought up there. But just in case it isn’t, I wanted to raise the point.

Happy cutting!

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great idea… well done!

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