Block Puzzle Project with Gkid

Gkid spends Friday night and Saturday with us every week. Last week she saw me coloring with my Uni Posca oil markers, and wanted to do a Glowforge project she could color, so this week I gave her a couple of options, and this is the one she picked.


These are 1.5" wooden blocks I found on She picked out some cute animal SVGs we found on Etsy (she didn’t want to draw her own this time around), and I made a jig and scored the first one for her to paint. After it was painted, we jumbled up the blocks, put them back in the jig in random order with bare sides up, and scored the next animal. She didn’t get that one finished today, so I’ll have to update the thread as we go.

When it’s finished, there will be 6 animal puzzles painted on the various sides of the blocks–6 puzzles in one! :slight_smile:

I thought I was all smart for thinking this up, but now I’m seeing them all over Pinterest. Oh, well.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I saw these today also on Pinterest, as long as it made the child smile it was a good idea.


Pretty! :wink:

I’ve been eyeing those Uni Posca markers, trying to convince myself I need them. Do you know if they are much different from the Sharpie oil markers that I already have?

Another marker type I’ve been looking at are the Artesprix sublimation markers, for creating heat transfer designs. Know anything about those?


I parsed that as “glowkid” for the longest time. Which I guess is also true.


I think you were smart for thinking it up too. It’s happended to most of us (myself included) when we find someone else had the idea as well.


Oh my goodness! So cute! Love that it would be multiple puzzles! Especially fun to do the project with her.


I’ve never used the Sharpie brand, but the Uni Poscas with the regular tips are pretty similar to the generic ones I have, just LOTS more colors. They also have a “fine point” version that lets you get into smaller spaces, with all the same colors.

I don’t know anything about sublimation markers…now I have to go find out about those!

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Happened to me all to often :slight_smile: They look great though…


If you have any extra try one of these…


Oh, fun!

And now because of you I have learned that “toupee tape” exists. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This happens if you follow the link and then go looking for “red liner tape.”

Ooh. Want! They’ve got a video of using them to sketch with a Silhouette.

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Wha!!! I have one of those and that sounds way cool. Gotta go check that out

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