Blue Fluorescent Acrylic Source

Who provided the fluorescent blue acrylic you guys used to sell? It’s darker than Chemcast and Acrylite. I’d love to know so I can get ahold of more


I don’t know of a new source, but that stuff didn’t fluoresce very well if at all. Probably why they stopped selling it.

None of the blue fluorescent acrylic glows very well, but is better than standard blue acrylic. A lot of the others are so pale it’s hard to tell they’re blue though

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I’m afraid I don’t have that information to share, and I also don’t have an update for that material returning to the shop – I’m going to move this to Beyond the Manual in case someone else has a suggestion.

Hey @takitus, I came across this and thought I’d pass it on just in case.
It looks to be pretty similar to the other light blue florescent stuff out there, but it’s hard for me to tell how it compares to the GF stuff.

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awesome! Thank you so much!