Blue tooth speaker

A simple box with 1 7/8 inch holes to accept an available bluetooth speaker. I used 1/8 " sycamore for one, and olive wood for the other. The engraved pattern is a quilt block since I am selling these at a quilt show.


Very pretty! (And color staining the alternate blocks in the pattern might look “quilty” too if you wanted to vary the look.) :grinning:

The sycamore is beautiful wood. Where did you find it? I have always liked strong grained woods . :grin:

I like the way you’ve cut the top pieces to alternate the grain pattern in the quilt part.

Not sure where @aajr got it but green valley wood products has some:

Their selection is different on their website (, you might look there.

Also dnd has some:


Very nice! How’s the audio quality? :smile:

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I got both woods from Cook woods. I resawed and milled them to 1/8 in. ( I still use some woodworking tools!). The one with the stronger grain is olive wood from Italy, the sycamore is from Oregon and has a very nice chatoyance to it.

cynd11, The audio quality is much better than my phone, but only mono. It is not what you would get from a home audio system.

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