Bluebuddy - deep integration of the Glowforge

I don’t know if you had the same experience or not, but after the euphoria of receiving a Glowforge had settled down a bit, there came a long time of not knowing what actually to do with it.

This phase suddenly ended some 8 months ago for me, when an unimposing product idea came in contact with the capabilities of the Glowforge.

The story begins in this inconspicuous former donkey stable, located in Löwenstein, southwestern Germany.

Little indicates that this is the production site of the bluebuddy.

The bluebuddy, as you might have suspected, is build with a Glowforge.
This is what it looks like:

At the very end I will come back to what it is. For the time being I want to show how we build it.

The whole device is designed in the Autodesk world of Fusion 360 and Eagle.
We use the plugin provided by Glowforge to generate SVGs for the laser.
The parts are cut and engraved from different kinds of acrylic and mahogany.

Here’s another view at the bluebuddy through its avantgarde bottom window:

But this is not where it stops.

We also use our parametric design to generate the geometries for tools to build the bluebuddy.

Like the assembly cages

Or the frame where we position and cast our sensors in epoxy

And to take this one step further, we also use the Glowforge to create the tools to create tools for building the bluebuddy.

This is a container in which we cast the silicone molds for casting sensors.

Sometimes we screw up pieces of the material, but nothing is lost.
Everything gets recycled right back into the factory.

So, the factory itself is partially built with a Glowforge.

Like our work lamps:

Our solar-powered site grid

Down to whatever helps to smoothen the production

As promised before, here is what the bluebuddy does.

It monitors soil moisture and uses an adaptive algorithm to switch an irrigation pump.
The overall effect is perfect soil moisture, elegantly oszillating within a selectable range.

Plants respond to this service with considerable willingness to thrive.

Thanks for following me to this point.
I hope you enjoyed it.

And I hope I don’t take a liberty when I leave a link here for those who are interested or know someone who indulges in plant production.

Cheerio from the bluebuddy team!



That is awesome! :grinning: :ear_of_rice: :seedling: :tulip: :herb: :sunflower:


What a great story and product! Thanks for sharing.


This is an outstanding and a wonderful product! I love that it has humble beginnings in a little barn. Thanks you for a detailed write-up of all the GF does for you. I imagine it’s this kind of work @dan and his team dreamed about when making their machine. :heart:


Is the sensor based on resistance or capacitance?

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capacitive, no corrosion


This is easily one of the cooler things to come from the creation of the Glowforge. Awesome work!


This is simply amazing! I really don’t understand the scientific aspect, but I can certainly appreciate the creation of such an incredible grouping of mechanisms to operate in harmony to produce the desired result. Thank you so much for sharing it all with us.


Ah so its one of those 5$ sensors. Is there machine learning? or just a normal PID setup?


That’s pretty cool and, I’ll admit, not what I expected out of a donkey stable. Good luck!


Very cool.
I submit when you have that product for sale you should drop a link here, and sign me up. :sunglasses:
Oh, and welcome to the community!


So awesome!


That’s fantastic. Thanks for sharing all the details!


Amazing! It is cool that the GF can be used in a huge range of ways for a huge range of different needs! Very Cool!


What a wonderful product and story! I hope you do very well with them.


Enjoyed your story and invention!

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So neat! Thanks for sharing all the ways you use the GF from shop set up to making the actual parts! It’s great to see it so integrated in your production. (and the end product is pretty sweet too)

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You are very welcome to sign up at the bottom of our website!

Bluebuddy is on sale in the European Union.
We are working on the safety certifications for the US.


No. We never dreamed of this. :slight_smile: It’s amazing!


Mind blown. Just wow.

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