Bluetooth Speaker with Analog Clock

Just a little experiment I was working on to see if it might be a good market item. I think it might be a little tedious to do regularly, but it will be a great addition to our outdoor BBQ area next summer.


Very nice. Are the speakers bluetooth?


It looks good!


Pretty nice. Where did you get the Bluetooth gear?


A bluetooth boombox was going to be one of my first projects with the Glowforge. I have yet to accomplish it. I do have the speakers. Just can’t get through some other projects. This is cool with the clock.


They are. The kit comes with both speakers, battery and control module. @djfb asked where to order it, so I’ll post it below, if you’re interested.

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I ordered it online from Rockler. The sound isn’t too bad, but it’s not going to win any awards. The only thing I found to be problematic with the kit, is with the connections to the speakers. I had to fix one speaker after the soldering broke. Here’s the link:

Thanks. I was overly optimistic that I could push it out fairly quickly, but the box took me longer to assemble than I hoped because I made it with dividers to help support the speaker output.

If you are a woodworker, I recommended you take a look at the Rockler site link (above), to see the examples of other’s speaker enclosures. Very impressive.

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I thought they looked familiar. How does it sound?

It’s a little tinny sounding, but not too bad for the price. I do think I would have had better sound quality had I made the box out of hardwood versus ply

I like that! I am a big fan of Analog clocks.

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Nice work! And Hey! Rabbit hole warning next time! Some really cool enclosures in the customer photos there.


I had looked at some of those… absolute rabbit hole… :smiley: