Bluffton Cribbage

Made a cribbage board for my dad for his birthday. Map is of Bluffton, South Carolina where they live. Can’t wait to play the next time I’m there.


Gorgeous! Makes me want to learn to play cribbage. :smile:


That has to be the coolest cribbage board ever made!


Great idea, combining the map and the game.


I am trying to engrave a name on a cutting board…
What software do you guys recommend for doing that
Also, trying to make some wooden personalized signs…

I am VERY new at this so learning it all its a huuuuuge process, some imput would be amazing

Awesome idea with excellent execution.

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Try Inkscape it’s free and there are tons of tutorials here and on Youtube.

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Inkscape is free, and there are a lot of tutorials for you to explore. This would be a good place to start.

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Okay, awesome.
I am haveing some trouble installing Inkscape on my MacBook but I will keep trying!
Thank You All so much

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What a beautiful gift! I bet he was totally wowed!

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This is great! We live in Bluffton too! Nice work.

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This design is truly beautiful!

Cribbage is a family game that we have ALL played for generations, and making a board with the forge is high on my list!


I just used the Glowforge app for mine! There are many fonts to choose from, and added the olive branches form the 'Plus" button…Good Luck!

That is very cool…so there are 3 layers, the water, Bluffton, and the cribbage holes then glued together? I am just getting started and am amazed at the creativity and possibilities. Great project!

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Yes, 3 layers.