Board game box v2


Second try at a board game box, this one for another favorite game that I didn’t have a box for.

The concept was to use magnets to help keep the top on. My tests on small pieces went really well, and it holds the lid closed, but in practice the magnets + friction fit just aren’t enough to support the weight of the box lid plus other components (were I to turn the box upside down). Despite being extremely powerful, the magnets need to be closer together. So for v3 I’m thinking small towers in two inside corners of the box with inlaid magnets.

And this was fun - my youngest son isn’t allowed to have a drink anywhere near our game table when we all sit down to play a game together. So one of last Sunday’s projects was to engineer a cup holder in Fusion360 that would form fit the side of our table. Works perfectly!

I’m going to add a small box in between the top supports, for game pieces and such.


Is that a shot glass? :smile:

(Totally kidding…looks great!)


It’s a beer glass, but I’m definitely making a smaller version for my whiskey glasses. I don’t like to admit it, but the adults (including me) have been the cause of WAY more spills on that table than any kid!


Oh, very nice! That is a very cool engraving. I have done the embedded magnets and they work quite well.