Board games and inserts

So amazon is having 30%+ off a bunch of board games as a daily deal today (amazon links are affiliate). I know that the gamer/tinkerer communities tend to have some overlap so thought I’d let yall know.

Some of these are really ripe for laser cut organization/upgrading of tokens and whatnot. I picked up Twilight Imperium 4th edition and am planning on making something similar to this one (that was made for 3rd edition).

Any one have favorite board games that lend themselves to lasercut projects?


We’ve seen some wonderful examples in the forums over time.

Beaucoup Catan boards, etc.


and so on. I’m done (for now) :slight_smile:


Thanks for the heads up! Picking up a few things for my toddler and feeling inspired to make my own version of Memory with the :glowforge: for him.

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And Paiko. Amazing and beautiful game. Strategy Board Game - Paiko

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