Laser Cut Board Games

@JeremyNielsen’s “Connect-4” post in the “Design Challenge 1” thread ( Design Challenge #1 ) made me think about what other board games I could easily design and cut. So I made a quick chess set last night.

It’s my take on the Typographical Chess Pieces design, where the name of each piece is embedded in its design. I’ll have to make a French one as well for my kids, although “Cavalier” is a pretty long word to design around. :slight_smile:

Here is the cut file. All the pieces and the board fit on a 20x12 sheet. Although you may want to cut the pieces in 2 different sheets if you want different colors (or you could stain the pieces once cut).

Once again, I’m asking that you only use this design in a non-commercial way.

  • It is meant for 1/4" thick material.
  • Score the blue lines (vector at low power so it does not cut through).
  • Cut the black lines.

If you have any designs for other games you want to share, feel free to drop them here.


Man you have an incredible gift! :thumbsup:


This is amazing!


Those are wonderful. I hope you post the French ones as well.

I was recently thinking about how fun it’d be to do game pieces (not unlike the Glowforge Cataan set) and these are great inspiration.


So beautiful!

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I just call them horsey. Its shorter for laser cutting, and more insulting when you capture a piece with something named “horsey”.

Awesome work PBF!


My kids also use “Tower” instead of “Rook”.


That is a fine piece of work.

Try as I might, I do not see where to click to get to the cut file…or did I read that wrong?

Any enlightenment appreciated,



I think you just right click on it and say “save image as…” (at least in Windows).

Yessir, that worked. Thanks for curing my ignorance :slight_smile:

Love this!! So creative!!

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Awesome work. I wish I had as much free time as I would need to have to do this kind of off the cuff design work :smiley:

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And he’s one of us too! :wink:


Very nice!! They look great😀

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I love these, and will be saving this plan for use when my laser arrives - don’t have a chess board right now. Great job, Ben!

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Nice! I have been trying to think up the perfect unique chess set for years. I like the creativity of this one. I started designing a unique chess board the day after ordering my Glowforge. I made some good progress before getting distracted by a hundred other projects. Thanks for the motivation to get back to it.


Not only a cool idea, but well executed as a design, functional and smart looking. Wonder how they look from above. Some King and queens can be similar looking. Of course, only to a complete beginning like me.


Once again you amaze me, great design. Don’t know if I have enough synapses to think of something like that.


That is such an awesome looking job. The pieces have a real expensive look. I would think that this could be something that many people would like to have. I enjoy seeing all of the artistic projects that everyone is designing. Thank you for sharing.