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Did anyone else notice that the Glowforge is the top recommendation in the Boing Boing Gift Guide (under the Gadgets & Gear tab) this year?


They definitely went high end, going for a well heeled market. The Leica is a 4500$ camera, they want referral bucks :slight_smile:


I want referral bucks too. :upside_down_face:


Some of the BoingBoing editors have strong connections to Make magazine (Mark Frauenfelder was Editor-in-Chief), which recently (Volume 66, 2019 Ultimate Guide to Digital Fabrication) rated Glowforge as the “Editors Choice” for small shop laser cutters.

The referral link on BoingBoing appears to be Mark Frauenfelder’s.

Referral bucks would be swell, especially given how many people heard about Glowforge from me and, bought without using my referral code …


Mark Frauenfelder? Do you mean the man in the black jacket in the middle of this photo from the Glowforge booth at the 2017 Bay Area Makers Faire?


No that’s clearly one of the surviving members of a flock of seagulls.


Brilliant. :upside_down_face:


Wait no sorry. That’s a cosplayer doing wolverine from Logan.


That’s where I met him! His link in Boing Boing on the crowdfunding launch over three years ago is why I am here today. And by the way, it’s been two years since I took delivery of the first pre-release.


That’s quite the gift…

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