Bonding Acrylic to Metal?

Does anyone have a solution for attaching acrylic to metal surfaces?
I’ve been making earrings by using E6000 to adhere them to stainless steel earring posts, but it seems to be having some problems lasting long-term. Is there a better adhesive I should be using for this?

Look at some 15 and 30 minute epoxies. Also, ruff up the surfaces. That always helps on nonporous items.



JB weld (which is just epoxy) might work. Parts need to be totally clean.

You could engrave the contact area on the acrylic to help.

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If you have enough room, you could try making a small hole for the finding and then setting the finding base in acrylic resin. You can get both time cure and UV cure versions.

I have glued magnets to acrylic with E6000. It works very well but I am not sure it would work for earring posts where there is much less contact area.

I would try it because E6000 is inexpensive and easy to work with, but 2-part epoxy might be the way to go.

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