Book Box for Wonder Bible


Had planned on making one of these in proofgrade plywood … but, realized the bed couldn’t accommodate the size to have the grain going with the living hinge.

Purchased the design from:

Used the type A closure, and Proofgrade Draftwood. You were to flip it over and engrave 2mm deep for the center right side … I opted to just make that a cut (which worked just fine). Sprayed with Krylon Matte Finish.

A banana for scale. This is to hold our Wonder Bible player, cord, and booklet.


Awesome box! :sunglasses::+1:


Wow, it came out fantastic! I think the Draftboard looks great on many projects—interesting that it works as a living hinge material as well.


I think I’ll line the hinge with felt for a little stability. I really like the living hinges to round the corners on a box … but since this will get more wear with opening and closing ., time will tell.


You can get adhesive felt at any craft store…stuff is fabulous for lining boxes. (And you can cut the shape with the Glowie.) :grinning:


LOL, Yes, I’m a craft store addict!