Book nook for a friend's birthday

What I did was to find a piece to test where I could ID a tab, and its matching slot on another piece. I chose two that were fairly small in the layout, and would fit into an unused area. Then I removed all other pieces and cut just those two.

Once I confirmed the fit, I went back to the design and restored it to original condition, and cut the whole thing.

This way, I tested the fit w/out sacrificing a whole board. I don’t have a lot of any one type of board, so it’s not like I can make samples willy-nilly.

What is that thing they say in knitting/weaving/sewing…sample, sample, sample!


Thanks for the explanation!


It might be fun to make a model size to try out ideas when you get to the point of “just finishing” rather than “can we move in yet”. Having a model house of the main house with an even smaller model of the house in it, is a fantasy if I even have the house I designed I have had for a while.