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I was going through my bookshelves and ran across a book I had gotten a long time ago that is GREAT at teaching some fantastic principles of three dimensional design.

Principles of Three-Dimensional Design by Wucius Wong

The awesome thing is that it’s only $5 or so on Amazon and has lots of pictures. Also the approach Wong takes to design is well suited to laser cutting in that much of it is iterative 2D design to create movement and form.

What other books would you recommend? Design technique is a HUGE topic, and I’m sure some of you have come across some great books.


Thanks! I looked at Wong’s other books, too, and will consider buying a couple of them.


Can’t resist to beat @volivaa to this: it’s the one time you can go Wong and still be right! Good find!


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Can’t believe you went there. Oh, wait – yes I can! :sunglasses:


Clever, but, I hope not! :laughing:

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Wight has unfortunately been corrupted by the Game of Thrones crowd…original old English meaning was “sentient being”, or “human”. Current generation thinks it means a spook.

“Isle of Wight” was originally interpreted as “Isle of Man”. (I read that somewhere as a kid.) :wink:

Besides, you have to use the original definition for the joke to work…Work with me here…:smile:


Sorry, I did say clever though! It has been at least 30 years since I last looked it up, darned language drift. :laughing:


I love GOT too, had to stop and think myself! :smile:

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I keep pronouncing the authors name as “what you see is wong” :neutral_face:


I started buying Dover “clip art” books specially the ones with the file CDs to use with my designs.
They have pretty much every art style in their vast catalog.

Dover Books


Thank you, @marmak3261 the Wise!

Thanks for the link. Ordered one during breakfast !

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I guess it all depends on WHAT you’re designing. I am a hobby game developer so I’ve read quite a few books on the subject. A Theory of Fun is a great choice

I think woodworking books will really be helping me a lot when I get my laser. I think my dad has an old copy of the Complete Manual of Woodworking around somewhere in his workshop

As a side, and I really hope this doesnt derail your topic because it really could be a great resource for people. If you’re looking for just fun stories to read I just recently got into listening to audio books before bed. It gives me some good ‘screen off’ time where I’m usually on a computer from morning to night. I got Audible so my first book (and one book a month) is free! HIGHLY recommending the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind. I’m on book 4 right now and I’m loving them.

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I’ve been gathering a few scroll saw books. They are big stencils with some cool ideas or simple ornaments. And could be easily scanned or traced. look for the book section, has some good pdfs. Also a lot of wood magazines.


Thank you

Wonder if they have permission to post all those copyrighted books and magazines? :innocent:


…and I wonder if they’re all what they seem ?
Nothing tucked away inside them ?


I have entered been hit yet, and I’ve looked at a few