Bookcovers, cardboard, and mirror


So i just got my GF and have started messing around with its abilities!!! Can’t wait to do more.


Excellent first projects—way better than mine. Isn’t amazing how nice you can make cardboard look in this machine? And the other materials look great too.


Birdies are adorable! :grinning:


Looks like you’re off to a grand start. Not to copy Jules, but to copy Jules…those are WAY better looking things than I ever made my first time…:grinning:


Hey, that was me! :laughing:


No it wasn’t…I mentally telegraphed the sentiment to you across the miles, but I was thinking it too…you just said it first … :wink::smile:


How was the card made? Does not look like a cut through.


its not a cut its a notebook i got at costco. They are moleskin notebooks and i etched onto the cover. The settings i did was 0.10 thickness and 50% power


Those birds are sooooooooooooooooooo cute!!! Nice way to get out of the gate … fun to check out all the different materials!