Bookmark Blanks from Cards Of Wood

My wife bought me a bunch of blank bookmarks and business cards from They are 0.027" thick and engrave and cut nicely. We got the “mixed species” bundle and we have birch, oak, walnut, birch here. A quick burn, a coat of polyurethane, a light rub on a paper bag and instant custom mini gifts. They are 6x2 inches. Most of the egrave was 500/15. I might have bumped some of the text to 500/20 on the oak and walnut. The very thin pokemon was done at 500/30. The cut was 500/100 (and likely could have been faster). Guess I could have seen what proofgrade veneers are set to.

Definitely tape these down…

My wife’s ulterior motive for the gift is that she would like a batch of a TBD design to be made for one of her quilt guilds to celebrate an anniversary. That will likely be my first big batch run when I have the design ready.

I suspect that the costs would work out similar using the proof grade veneers, but as it was a gift I am not going to do the math just yet :slight_smile: 20180318_094621


Chuckle! I love the “Knit Happens” one! Okay, and the Engineers one. :smile:


Thanks for sharing! I’ve been wanting to try these for my library. They look great!


Very fun!

Great work and info, thank you. Plus “Knit happens” :joy: