Bookmark Challenged


there are SO many wonderful posts in this forum, and I’m really loving the “bookmark” feature, but sadly I’m doing here what I’ve done with a lot of actual-paper books: bookmarking every page until the bookmarks glare back at me with a creepy expression, as if to say, “really?!” :confused:


Yeah, got 'em marked, just haven’t dug into them yet… :no_mouth:


I was just looking at my bookmarks today thinking “Man… Sometime these will be useful. I swear they will.”


I’ve got enough that I need to get in and arrange them in a outline.


I have a Glowforge and I still haven’t looked at my bookmarks. Kind of weird to think that all the stuff I thought would be cool or important gets overwhelmed in the rush of the moment. I still keep making them. Checked out my Pinterests yesterday for the first time in many months. OMG, the things I’ve forgotten about already. So many beautiful things.


I feel ya! At this point it’s going to take me a couple years of full-time lasering to get through all the projects, bookmarks, crazy ideas, experiments, etc.
I’m exhausted just thinking about all the late nights I’ll be pulling when I get mine.


Wait, we can bookmark things? :flushed:


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Thanks–this is what I get for mostly lurking. :grin:


You are in the Tardis! Take me away!
You are my new favorite person from that pic alone.


Ha ha! A fellow Whovian? :grin:


Hurray for Librarians! and Teachers! This is a great forum, but, like the Internet generally, it NEEDS good Librarians. (got my MLS from U of MD College Park in '98, but fell in love w/programming while there and have been a coder since)


If someone asks me “Star Wars or Star Trek?” I say Doctor Who :smiley:

Some sort of Police Box will be my first thing done on my Glowforge probably as well.


I owe my Whovian-ness to my students…they begged me to start watching so they would have someone to talk to about it. We did the “Day of the Doctor” for the 50th, complete with pretzel sonic screwdrivers and duct tape Union Jack bow ties. :grin:

I actually love Star Wars and Star Trek too. And Firefly. And I’m working on an Agent Carter cosplay this week. So yeah, all sorts of geek flags flying at my house!


Aw…thanks! I tell people it’s the best job in the world. Tried a bit of coding but found I’m better with books! Luckily didn’t have to do a full MLS (I’m at a high school) but I’ve thought about it.


Oh man, they aired Firefly friday or sat. night…? I just remember it was a slot when that demographic had other things on their mind.
Joss did some great stuff, you ever see ‘Doll House’? His work. They did the same thing to that!


Haven’t watched Dollhouse yet–I need to! Doctor Horrible is my other favorite of his.

I’m wearing a Kaylee shirt today–it’s always fun to run across a fellow Browncoat when someone “gets” it! :blush:


oh, you are in the right forum here! :nerd:


Dollhouse was awesome. Great concept. Well-executed! Why they had to ruin it and have that bizarre time-skip to the future was beyond me. And that Jonatha Brooke theme song was hauntingly beautiful and eerily appropriate for the show. So much so I thought it was commissioned for the show, but it actually wasn’t!

Doctor Horrible is awesome. We watch it yearly at my house. Usually followed by The Making of…

And, yeah, I’ve got maybe 4 Firefly t-shirts. Always great when somebody recognizes. :slight_smile:


They did the time skip because he knew they were tanking the show. As I heard it, Fox only ran with it because of contract obligations to Ms Dushku(?) and she insisted on the Whedon who Fox already hated on. He wanted to try and include a condensed version of where he wanted to take the series. I think had there been time, it would have been much better.

And edited for readability.