Kaitlyn is my daughter.
Hannah is Kaitlyn’s friend.
Hannah reads.
Hannah plays clarinet.
Hannah is celebrating the anniversary of her birth.
Serenity is our Glowforge.
Serenity makes what’s in our imagination become reality.

With a little help from Daddy, Kaitlyn and Serenity made this bookmark for Hannah:

Action shot:

We had to go with something thin enough to be used as a bookmark. I considered sticking two pieces of veneer to each other. Which is still a good idea in my mind. But instead I got some 1/16" basswood and used that. Total cost of materials: $2

Cool part is the design is 100% mine. (Not the clarinet… that was grabbed online.) I know that might not seem like much of an accomplishment, but doing this simple thing really increased my Illustrator abilities, with the help of some fellow 'forgers who quickly showed me how to get past a part I was stuck on.

Hope Hannah likes it!


Faaaaantastic! I really like how you incorporated the name up at the top, and it works really well as a bookmark! :grinning:


That’s awesome! I love the personalized touch.
I have one question, when you’re ready for the Glowforge to start a new print, and you’re about to touch the glowing button, do you yell, “Serenity NOW!”?


Turned out great! I’m sure Hannah will love it!


Thanks so much! I must say, I’m pretty proud of this one. I really liked learning some new Illustrator moves. I always think (and say) “Sure I can!” and then the 20x12 completely empty artboard sits in front of me and I kinda freeze up. :slight_smile:

I LOVE personalizing. It’s quite possibly my favorite thing about owning a laser.

Ha! While I get the reference, of course, our Serenity is actually referring to Serenity Valley.

Technically our 'forge’s full name is Serenity Valley Forge, making both a Firefly reference as well as the Valley Forge reference since we love Firefly, and live 20 minutes from Valley Forge. :slight_smile:


Oh, I think I remember you saying that. Very cool name!

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I couldn’t agree more Tom, the personalized gifts means so much more, and having that ability at my disposal is - fantastic!


Such a great idea!

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For the record, we’re such geeks we named our new kitten River (because she’s clearly hyper-intelligent, very pretty, but really nuts!). I 'forged her nametag with anodized aluminum. Put her name on the front (Firefly font) and a picture of Serenity on the back. She’s got the best nametag I’ve ever seen. :wink: (I never posted it because it’s been around her neck the whole time. Maybe I’ll take it off one day and show it for fun.)


So does your kitten have a safe-word that when you say it she collapses?? :nerd_face:


She’s completely ridiculous all… the… time. She runs at the speed of sound everywhere. The other day she ran through my son’s room, leaping onto his bed (for no known reason), then leaped off again and ran into my room. It was as if she used the bed like a banked curve. Yesterday I was walking down the stairs, she came from behind me, ran by me, and decided the last half a flight of steps weren’t necessary, and just leaped down them and then continued running at blurring speeds. Like a puppy, she gets so happy to see one of us that she runs over, and just flops down at our feet and rolls to her back. Also like a puppy, she plays fetch all the time! This isn’t the 1st cat we’ve had that plays fetch, but it’s been a while. We throw her toy mouse, she runs and grabs it, trots back with it and drops it in our lap for another go. She’s got two non-related older brothers who want nothing to do with her. I don’t know why. She’s always nicely playful with them.

Anyway… That’s River.

Additional: River is a really fun name. She gets called Riverdale, Riverrun, Riverdog (my personal choice), Riverside… you name it.




Very creative and excellent implementation! Thanks for sharing.

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Can’t Stop the Signal!!


Excellent gift for a clarinet player–she’ll be thrilled!

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@Tom_A what did you use for masking on the basswood?

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Good old fashioned beige masking tape. That’s what i use on everything. Works PERFECTLY. Every time.


I learned some stuff from your project too! Thanks for crowd-sourcing your help :slight_smile:

The final product looks great.

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GREAT idea. Just love it!

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