Being a cat(s) and dog(s) owner, I really had to paws and admire these !!:smile_cat:


Another cat lover, yay! And I’m glad to see some work being done on chipboard. That and paper are of great interest to me. Your bookmarks came out so cute!


Yay! Chipboard demo! And I love the kitty theme! :grinning: :squee:


I love this idea. My wife teaches third grade and I can see making her up a batch of these for an in class project where the kids get to color and decorate them…or let them draw them on a piece of paper and then let the Glowforge scan and cut…so many possibilities… :squee: Sorry, a little squee slipped out!


Perfect use for my cat food box chipboard. Thanks.


I knew I find my kind of people on this forum! Crazy Cat People - :heart_eyes_cat:


Yeah cat people! I have two wonderful cats myself.

I love this bookmark idea and execution as well. Thanks for sharing :hugs:


Cool! Those look great. Definitely gonna make some for my daughters as well. Thanks for the reminder!


I like that I’m seeing NO burn on the surface of the chipboard!


Wonder if it had masking on it? I’d have thought that stuff would char. Hmmmm.


nope, no masking used when I cut that :slight_smile:


Awesome! :grinning: (Temporarily Out o Likes.)


Is it just me or does the paw bookmark look like a bottle opener?! …You know…for soda (pop)!


And that’s how new products come to be. I love it when designs can find new, unexpected uses.


It’s not just you!
And it would be pretty simple to do.