Bottle Openers in Minutes!

Laserbond 100, Stainless Steel Openers and the Premium Tools are darn near magical!


I’ve watched this video several times because I wanted to o give these out for Father’s Day.

I’m having issues with image and the words I’m engraving. It has to be either the image I downloaded from the internet or the settings are off.

I used the vary power method - it seems to be a little better but longer time.

I need help!


I did another test with an image as well. I found that 125 for the speed made the marking permanent. My details were high enough that the opener took an hour to make…

I am still trying to find that magic amount of detail to get the perfect result too. I want fast… but permanent and cool looking.

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When you say permanent are you referring to the darkness of the image once engraved. I just don’t like how you see the laser lines in the image once it’s Finished or is that how it’s suppose to be?

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