Bottle Rack Commission



Pricing that will help all makers and artists in the future:

Consider what your daily rate is. What do you need to pay all your bills, cover materials, power, everything?
Most are between $200 - $500 per day. And as you master your skill, shift that rate upwards.

Now take that daily rate and consider how many of those boxes you can make in a 6/8/10 hour day. If it would take you a whole day to knock out one (minus waiting on drying time): use the full day price. If you could make 2, then half it. If you could make a hundred, then there’s your formula for pricing.

There you can compare an hourly rate + material cost and adjust up as needed.


And if it takes several days… just made a leather punch of delrin that took a day to get the Inkscape right and a day of trial and error to engrave (including the Glowforge going “offline” in the middle of a series of engraves as I was doing over a dozen as I was fighting for detail over melting as that was a big problem and ruining that trial).

The bottle rack was a couple of days just for the SVG (though now that I have that file I can make many.


Very nice delirin piece - i think I’ve seen that shop on etsy.
And great bottle racks.

When I contracted out IT work it was hourly rates. Craft work seems to be a lot different. 3 to 5x materials + assembly time + laser time… Our glowforges have limited lifespan on the parts (in spite of the warranty, the laser tube will die and cost you$ - or some other part…) so it’s “replacement cost / expected lifespan”. I’m thinking 5$/hr runtime cost. If it’s a ‘one off’ - design time too. If you think you can sell it elsewhere, then suck that up or add 1/50th of your time-value. So, 100$ is probably not too much to ask for a single, but if he wants 3, 4… 5… 10…?

just my 2cents (and my humble opinion.) Thanks for listening.


Very nice design. I like the idea of veneer on the front.
Another idea would be to put a piece that had window cutouts in front of each row. That way, they can add labeling to the rows.


I delivered the bottle rack today and she loved it happy to pay the $100 and especially liked the dark fingers and while she did not order more today said she expected to over time.


I made a second rack of Lauan mahogany ply instead of the Revolution ply to sell on Etsy