Bourbon tasting boards

I’ve been doing blind tastings with friends and we were all constantly referring to flavor wheels. Decided to use the forge and bring the flavor wheel to a piece of wood. They work out great and look awesome. I iterated across a few designs before I ended on this design.

Coasters are cork, wood is mahogany. Forge was used for all engraving and for cutting cork.

I learned with the cork (0.04" thick with adhesive backing), using 1000/2 to 1000/15 was good enough to see an image. Anymore and it turns to charcoal. For the mahogany, settings varied from 1000/30 to 1000/75 for the darkest areas. Resolution was set to 450.

I recently switched to scoring instead of engrave for borders which improved print time. Overall it takes about 1.5 hours to print currently. Vector based image I created in illustrator.


“Boards that taste like bourbon?” oh, right.

Those are very classy!


Very nice result!


Scratch n sniff, lol


My first thought upon reading the title of the post was"Someone is engraving on barrel staves" My mind does that :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The colour of the wood, and the engraving just look so right.

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haha, like man eating chicken!


Great job! Nice results!

Ooohhh, these are fantastic! And, being a Scotch drinker, the Glencairn glasses are the perfect touch.


I was thinking that a Bourbon Tasting Board was something that I would like to be a member of…

I can’t read the text but there are more than a place for glasses, curiosity wonders what the text is. Very nice in any case!

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If you open the full-size image (which is huge) you can read them. Examples of tastes and aromas across the different profiles, like a flavor wheel.


Like “The BTB of America” To maintain the highest standards.


Wow, these are pretty cool, even if I don’t drink bourbon.


Bourbon is to drink. Beer? well throw that on grass you want to kill. :slight_smile:

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I thought about barrel staves, but staves are harder to find than a nice piece of mahogany. And honestly think it turned out better

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That was the plan! Spent a few nights “testing” to ensure we captured the right flavors to commit to the board.

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I’m getting better at this! Thoughts?

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I suggest you keep “testing”, you know, just to make sure… :smiley:

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Assuming you’re going for the Kentucky connection, I think that crowd is more into mint juleps… yeah, it’s bourbon, but you’d never know!

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:rofl: yeah I guess this is all about juleps

We did several of the distilleries in the trail two years ago driving through Kentucky on vacation. The level of commitment to their bourbon history and the art of aging it was huge. Those folks are huge into their heritage.

I’m well aware, I’ve visited some myself. I was referring to the engraved image of horse racing (which we were there for…)