Box Foam Uses

So not precisely made on a Glowforge, but more like made by Glowforge. :grin:

Long story short, I was rearranging and I came across my original packing box for the Glowforge. I had tucked it away neatly in case I ever needed it to return the Forge. Well, I opened it up and saw these and thought to myself, I know some kids that will really enjoy playing with these. So I set up a little jail for my stuff tiger in the dining room for the kids to find when they wake up tomorrow :smiley:

I’m sure they’re rescue him soon enough, don’t worry.


Better than gathering dust in a box!


Never thought I’d say this: “Look at that poor stuffed toy jailed by Glowforge!” :crazy_face:


That’s funny! :smile:


Of course that’s $250 to replace if it gets wrecked…


If I ever use it… :sweat_smile: $250 if it gets wrecked and I need to send my glowforge back. Which since my warranty is up seems… unlikely :shushing_face:

edit: removed the extra ‘f’ in ‘iff’ since I was incorrect in using that as pointed out below. Thanks @evansd2 :slight_smile:

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Or you want to move, or you want to sell it to buy glowforge 2.0…

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There are other boxes in the world.

This is a little more of a problem I suppose, but I don’t ever plan to resell so I hadn’t thought about it.

I am keeping the 4 handles from the original box regardless of if the foam gets wrecked, because it was so rare to get all 4 :smile:


Was it rare to get 4 handles or did most of the people who got 4 handles think nothing was amiss and thus say nothing?


I imagine it is as hard to answer that question as it is to answer how many people have a GF based on forum participation :man_shrugging: We’ll probably never know.

I guess if you never need it, it’s a moot point, but I’d think having all that protective packing material would be far more important than having all four handles. The handle holes can be taped up and modified to work again…the foam packing stuff, not so much.

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Oh, I wasn’t keeping the handles so I could use them again, it was as a token of times gone by. I get that keeping the box and foam is generally a good idea for “just in case” this or that happens, but I horde enough other stuff I just don’t see enough of a need to keep an empty box for any of those what ifs. I’m keeping the foam inserts for the inside of the laser, but outside protection is outside protection. If/when I move, I’ll probably drive the laser, well packed, separate in my car instead of the bed of a truck anyway.


I get it! :+1: :slightly_smiling_face: