Box for an old tool

And no, I’m not talking about my coffin!

A dear friend gave me his old Stanley 45 plane that he’d kept in good shape for half a century. Sadly, he’s passed away a few years ago. All the bits & pieces were there, but no box in which to store it. With the help of the Glowforge though, it’s now at least in a fun and decent container to protect it for year to come. It’s nothing too fancy, as I use the plane and built it with scraps wood laying around. Still working on a couple more partitions inside to keep things in place.


Wow, that looks amazing. You did an excellent job! It probably looks better than anything that would have been original for the tool!!


The patent drawing on the underside of the lid is neat :slightly_smiling_face:


Ooh, my better half would love this! He’s got a bunch of old tools inherited from his dad when he passed. He’s been refurbishing them.


The box is absolutely wonderful! A perfect case for a reliable tool.

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wow that is a terrific way to preserve the tool, and keep your friend in mind.


Very nice. You did that tool justice. Great idea on the sliding top and beautiful artwork.


Fantastic! A friend of mine collects old planes. (And other tools.)

He says he only does carpentry work to pay for more tools. :smiley:


You friend would have really appreciated this!

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I have to say this is one of best posts ever! Really nicely done!


Absolutely awesome work. Your friend gave the plane to the right person.


Truly lovely.

Wonderful work! Keep the memories alive!

Really well done! The sliding top with design underneath, the handles, the interior organization - just super.

Yeah this is beautiful and that patent image looks great! Well done!

I am sure your departed friend is looking at this and smiling. You did a wonderful thing making a well build box for this old tool. Great job!

This is sooo good. Frankly, it’s a wonderful way to honor the gift of a great friend and keep that 45 plane in great shape.

I think my Dad may have had one of those 45’s somewhere. I may need to go sleuthing in the old shop.

~ Jason