Box for my dominoes


I used to design my box. Unfortunately I’m a ding dong and put 1/4" as my material thickness instead 1/8" like it should have been. The inside dimensions are still correct, it just looks a little silly with all of the tabs sticking out.


Sounds like a good excuse to buy a Japanese flush cut saw : )


Just a few days ago I used a Japanese flush-cut saw to remove tabs from the lid of a box of the exact same design (different size) that I had, ahem, assembled backwards. With glue.


It will take a little more time but a sanding block will do the job.


Dremel :grinning: It’ll take longer to set it up than to cut the excess tabs - that’s why I have battery powered one with a quick change chuck. Really handy for quick cuts or small sanding jobs.


You could just say those are “tusk tenons,” and to those who might not know the difference, you would be extra fancy. Great job on the box. Oh, and flush trim saws are about $7 at Harbor Freight.


Nice looking box! I’d just leave it alone. It looks industrial. :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice solution!

@jbv I hate it when that happens. That’s my one gripe about CA glue. By the time I realize I glued it upside down - it’s too late.


I did the same thing! Had the exact same solution, with the same saw!


Luckily I didn’t need to use any glue, the joints were very tight. I likely would have ruined it if I had used glue, as I put the ends in the opposite orientation of what was needed originally.