Box for my Drill Stop and Dowel Center bits

Needed a box to help keep myself organized and the glowforge was the perfect solution for me. The drill stops are press fit and the dowel center bits are held in by bumping up against the lid. The lid is also press fit.



I’m doing something similar for some of my tools and accessories, but I like this look. What’s the center material; draftboard, cork, or something else?

It’s ~1/8in MDF. I bought it as a 2x4ft board and just ripped to 12x20in sections to fit in the work-area.

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It’s worth noting as well, I used the 1/8in MDF to give me height but I cut an 1/16in insert for the hex key so it wouldn’t be sitting so far down in the box.


The finger hole for removing the hex key… on point!


I love those centering tools. I use them on large glueups

How cool to have such a nice fitted place for each tool!