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Ignore this post, i’m blonde and have brain fog. I’ll just use the 2 piece box bottom and double up the wood around where the lid would fall so it all appears like straight edges but the inside has the extra finger joint strength. Or i’ll be lazy and just let the joints show. Sorry.

Hi all,

I’ve enjoyed using to generate various boxes in the past. However, I am making a dice rolling tray for my friend (current draft:

I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to change the settings so that the holes are in the bottom piece and the fingers are on the side pieces, instead of the other way around? Or if there is a different program that can do so?

Thank you for your time!

There are a lot of box generators on the forum, but here’s one for simplicity:

You can also just pick a different box style on, for example, the “closed box,” set all the measurements to what you want, then load the svg into your editing program, like Inkscape, and make the upper edges into a straight edge and get rid of the panel meant for the top. Play around with it until you get what you want.


Creates a lot of short unconnected lines that may not be terrible if you just use it, but I was going through using Inkscape to tie them together. Eventually, I just got to the point of going from scratch in Inkscape.

Like this?

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That site also did not have it as an option, thank you though. There is no top in a rolling tray, so I’m a bit confused, but sounds like i’ll just have to learn inkscape

If the holes are in the bottom they will have to be inset some so as not to break or on the edge like the one above.

Correct, this is like what I meant:

(I just poorly edited that in paint to show what I was trying to say)
That’s why I was wondering if there was a generator that made it as the option like how the first does it for the sides. ^^; It seems I’ll probably have to learn the inkscape software, I was just hoping for a shortcut to crank it out in time for a birthday present.

I appreciate y’all taking the time to read and comment

You the two piece box and ignore the base.

Unfortunately with the two piece box, it’s the base that has the bottom holes, so it would have an edge around it where the lid would fit

I’m dumb, I now realize the issue and what I can do/limitations. Thanks!

Every program needs investment. Investing time and effort is a very smart investment in Inkscape even though there is little financial investment needed.

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