Box help please

I made a box using MakerCase and the fingers are too tight to assemble.

Any thoughts on what I did wrong?


I don’t know anything about this particular box design, but it’s possible that it included an adjustment for kerf which was too wide for the material you are using. Try reducing the kerf setting for that design and see if it helps.


Once you generate the box you want it will give you the layout. Then look to the forth tab in the options below the design.

That’s where you adjust kerf. I generally use .014" for a full kerf width to start using Proofgrade medium plywood.

Start with a two by two by two box and see how different kerfs react. I’d give you more instructions but I’m brain dead.


Kerf can be a weird thing. I have done pieces that get overburn and the parts are a bit loose, and then another on the same wood and settings that needs a bit of work to get apart and I need and use a rubber hammer to put them together. If the piece will still work with something flipped over it might even get a dovetailed effect.

Rarely I have even glued sand paper to a proper size stick of scrap and sanded the opening a bit.


For some reason my wife seems to have piles of those already glued up and waiting for me to use. She stores them in the bathroom for some odd reason though. :grinning: