Box Made with 1/8" Baltic Birch and Veneer

Here is a little box I made today with the materials listed in the title. I do not know what type of wood the veneer is unfortunately.

I glued the veneer onto the 1/8" plywood and then after it dried I cut a little box out of it.


Love this.

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Dude, you’ve hung around for a long time to do this box! Nice to see it come into reality.


Wow, it came out great! Cool way to do a box from some of the more unusual veneers.


I have made sooo many boxes using that! I have used that to make monitor stands, desk organizers, trays, and boxes like what you see above!

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That veneer really makes it pop! Great job on it! :grinning:

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I dig, however I’m curious as to why you cut the joints into the veneer?

If you cut just the veneer by itself in the dimensions of each side and apply it afterwards, then you don’t see the burnt notches and it’ll look a lot more polished


Simply put, ease of assembly.

It was easier to glue it on as one sheet, then cut it all out and assemble it rather than glue a number of different sides.


could anyone help me figure out how to download the boxes that you create on this generator :sweat_smile:

You just generate the box using the parameters you want, then on the screen that pops up, right click and choose Save As > SVG. It should download.

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I wasn’t able to make that work, but found out it was safari. Made it work in chrome :slight_smile: thanks.

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What type of glue did you use for the veneer? I’m planning many projects that will need the veneer applied pre-cut, and I want to make sure the glue I use is safe and doesn’t hinder cutting. The box looks great!

I used just regular interior grade wood glue. Any type of glue you use I recommend double checking to make sure that there is nothing bad like formaldehyde.

I don’t remember which of the Tite-bond glues it was, but one of them decomposes really badly (bad stuff). Maybe a search for tire-bond ultimate will pull it up. Believe the tite bond 2 was ok - but the 3 was nasty stuff.