Box-o-matic Laser Cut boxes of any size

So I’ve had to make a bunch of interlocking laser-cut boxes n containers by hand. Much to my delight and dismay I came across the free Box-o-matic app on my iPhone and you can put in whatever dimensions you want with inserts n things and export it directly to… pretty much wherever.

So try it out, and we can all laugh/mourn over the hours spent trying to get our boxes to interlock properly…


Here is another site used by many here on the forum.


I love this app! I’ve created D&D dice boxes, trinket boxes and card boxes with it so far. Makes my life so much easier!

Yes, I’m a big fan of Box-o-matic- use it all the time!

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I try the app for the first time and did a box with lid, everything was looking good but at the end when I put the box together all of the corners are not flush. I’m not sure what i did wrong, and the lid doesn’t fit i think because of the way the box doesn’t snap flush.! Any recommendation? thanks

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Your material thickness was incorrect. Were you entering inches when it wanted mm? Vice Versa?

The length of the tabs is set by the material thickness parameter.

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Two things likely happened here. Looks like you used draft board. If you used medium proofgrade, the thickness should be ok at 0.125". The next thing that makes a difference is the kerf. For draft board I use .005". If you use different draftboard or different kind of wood, both these values will be different. You can test it buy cutting a 1" square and carefully measuring afterwards how much got burned away.


ok thanks yes the thickness was in 0.125 but my kerf was in .008

.008 is good for proofgrade maple and basswood ply.

got it thanks

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.008" is usually what I call “hammer tight”. I rarely go that tight lately, I find that 006 or even 005 is ideal to give you a little friction so you can assemble and glue them up. The problem with .008 is that if you make the slightest mistake, you’re sunk. I find I have more success if I back off a bit.


Is there an android version of this?


It is a tight fit which can be a little aggravating putting together. I use a wood mallet and a bastard file to assemble mines carefully and it doesn’t need any glue when complete so the tight fit works to my advantage. I also use an600 grit sandpaper to slightly open up the joint spaces so they fit a little easier.


Sure! I would do 3 things

  1. Check the ‘kern’ setting
  2. If it’s super humid in your area (like it is for me, I’d put them together immediately after cutting.) If I let them sit and absorb moisture from the air I have the same problem
  3. If you have a program you can drop the linework in, you can match up the sides to the center piece and have it so there’s only 1 set of rectangled lines which will be guaranteed to have at least SOME space since the laser is cutting through.

I assume this was a typo? As kern is a typographical term and kerf is the term associated with measuring pieces to achieve tight joinery.

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Correct, my apologies

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it seems that the app lacks the dividers functionality at the moment right? or am I doing something wrong… ?

There was a link dropped on the thread that has a divider function, this one is not that advanced

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Awesome find! Thanks for sharing

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