Box wine disguise

Prototype in birch, final product in pg walnut. gave me the basic nesting box design, which I tweaked to reduce the wood used , add a split for the spout, and some engraving.


Way to hide the swill! It looks great!


Very classy! Would be great at a party!


Great way to dress it up for a party! :grinning:

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Nice!! Any chance you’d share the design? We LOVE Bota boxes, they do have some good wine!


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Making notes: While there are 3 files, dividing up the design to fit the machine, I ended up making the internal walls out of birch to save on the “good wood” so it was a 4 cut project. This barely fits on a sheet of PG so take care with the edges wrt to the cut. Add your own art. The fit on these tabs is fairly tight. I had to use a vice to nudge some of the panels in to place, especially with the PG walnut. The birch went together with less force. The round hole at the bottom may not be necessary.


Outstanding! And thank you for sharing your hard work!

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What a fun addition!

This is a friendly reminder that our forum guidelines ask people not to request others’ design work for free.


Sorry about that Dan - quite right and apologies for breaking the rules!

follow up. apparently the design causes the box wine to develop some sort of leak. or at least that is my story as to why the box emptied so quickly.


You may have to test a few boxes to confirm the leak I’m thinking. :rofl:

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Thank you for the file.

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made an fancy version today.


Love the added details, they fit well with the design.

I love the text! :rofl:

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