Box with a Laser Tile Lid design files

yeah, he was a complete doofus. which is why this was the most appropriate image to use.


Thanks for sharing the design. I was just getting ready to try making something very similar! :slight_smile:


Thank You for the share.


This is great! Thank you. I have a box of laser tiles on the floor that I haven’t done anything with yet. And 109mm is about right.


What were your burn settings on the tile and did you need to mask? I haven’t had too much play time with my GF yet and this is gonna be a surprise.

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here’s the link to my final settings for a different image in the laser tile thread. i think i used the same settings for this one as well (not at my home computer to check), but if not, it was very very close.

keep in mind that every photo is a little different. this picture and the one in the link above had a lot of contrast and dark areas, so ymmv depending on the image you’re starting with. i did a lot of photoshop work on both of them before burning as well.

you can see other people’s settings in that thread as well.


Thanks. I’ll check that thread out.

Thanks for sharing the file !
some tutorial to make the boxes?

there’s not really much to them.

the six pieces on the left are the lid. four sides and the base which has the fingers to join into the sides. the top left piece is simply flush mounted to the top and glued after the laser tile is inserted and glued.

the six pieces on the right are the bottom. Well, the five pieces. I accidentally left that top right corner object, which isn’t necessary. Four sides and a finger-jointed base.


Thanks so much for sharing!

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I cut this out this afternoon and inserted a laser tile of the twins. We’ll use the box in their nursery for nail clippers, nose cleaners and stuff like that.

It’s a great design, but I did find the bottom section to be a very tight fit with the side pieces, but I finally got them inserted by tapping, tapping tapping (and many more times) with a hammer.


it’s definitely a snug fit. very much a friction fit, no glue necessary.

keep in mind that even PG isn’t necessarily the exact same thickness every sheet, so there could be minor variations that could make things either tighter or looser. when doing finger joints, i often chop out a pair of joints and/or a tab and slot and cut just a set to test fitness before creating the whole piece.


I’m gonna need you to boop his nose for me thanks. :yum:


I must be doing something wrong, I can’t get mine to fit together without cracking the pieces, can you give me some hints?

they were pretty snug for me, too. i tapped them together with a rubber mallet and it took me a little time. but that meant i could do friction fit without glue. it could just be some slight differences in thickness between your proofgrade and mine. if mine were snug and yours are even slightly thicker, that would make it more difficult to get together.

this is presuming you’re using proofgrade medium plywood.

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Even PG changes from batch to batch and species. Medium maple, cherry and Walnut ply all mic out to different thicknesses for me. And I’ve had different thicknesses on different batches.

oh, i agree and understand. i was just verifying that @mimicyn was starting w/the medium PG. if she was using something else, it could be even further off in thickness.

I am using PG, medium maple

Thank you for sharing this, I love it!

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is the dog laser etched or printed picture?