Box with inlay lid for my cards

I make popup cards and was looking for a good box for storage and transportation to craft fairs. Then I remembered the Glowforge and the 1/4” maple ply I had sitting around. It’s a simple box overall but I was thrilled that fir the first time I didn’t need any glue, including for the inlay logo on the top.


Very nicely done.


Looks good!


Nice clean lines!


Thank you. This is an integrated hinge, one with the loops to either side of the back with the discs that rotate inside. It took a lot of experimentation to get the settings on those to allow a full clean close. Still trying to understand why but at least I know that when it wasn’t quite shutting it was that mechanism.


Lovely work. Glad it turned out so well


Do you have photos? I have played a lot with different varieties of hinges and the need to have some of the box beyond the rotation point of the hinges is a tough thing to avoid. Doable but the central design issue.


What is your website? Did you ever design a Westie card?

It’s and no Westie yet. It’s a long list of breeds to go :slight_smile:

The hinge does stick out, but I can live with that. My issue was that a very small shift in where the tabs sit in that circle made a HUGE difference in the rotation. Took about 6 separate slightly different prints to hit the sweet spot.


Yup! That was the first I tried as it was the way of The worst I found was that the bit that was part of the back was very weak and my choice of wood at that time was even weaker. I tried replacing them with some bamboo kabob sticks that were about the same cross-section but eventually gave up that style. had a second style that sat on the outside of the back that were pretty clunky but with a bit of reworking and using 1/8 Baltic birch (in quarter-inch wood) they could be half normal size and with round kabob sticks for hinges and most of it in the inside I got this…

the birch was very strong but still not as invisible as I would have liked.
After a bunch of experiments, I was able to put the hinges entirely on the inside so that closed there was no evidence of hinges at all…

I have been working on one that has several points of rotation and things moving in slots such as you find on a fishing tackle box but have not built it yet.