burn test : plywood depends on grain?


Is anyone using seeing the burn test having everything thight as long as it is on the grain side and everything loose when it is against the grain ?

For me I have the problem, is it because I repositioned the squares so they take less space on the sheet ?

My tight fit are 0.13,0.15 and 0.17 all other are loos not even staying together

Try rotating your entire project 90 degrees and see if it’s still that way, or if the “loose” parts rotate with the design.

If you find it’s still along grain then that’s interesting. If you find it rotates with the design, then the design is probably the problem.

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I was never able to get their tests to work successfully - either things not actually sized the way they said they were, or something in the import process changed them…so it may not be you!

*No problems with their boxes

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