- generated boxes "not a path"

Anyone else have trouble editing in inkscape boxes generate in I’m trying to “difference” a part of the box and a shape, and it says the box portion is not a path. (I can’t object to path it either). Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?


post it?

I’ve had to go through and join unconnected nodes together. I ungroup everything a million times and then start unioning them or joining nodes. not sure if you are experiencing the same issue, but worth a check, sometimes they aren’t even touching when I look at outline mode.


Welp if you’re not going to post it, then my general advice is to look for groups. Chances are something you’re selecting is a group.

just posted it, got distracted looking at other things

There you go:

I selected all. Look at the bottom:

A mix of paths and groups.


Ungroup them, and the difference works fine.


good to know, it’s weird that it wasn’t actually grouped to anything though

You can group a single path by itself. There’s use for it, because it lets you set scope of stuff.

Like… I will make a path, then group it, then clone that group. That way if I add other elements to the group later, they propagate out to the clones.

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That’s my experience with, too. It generates a bunch of unconnected paths. In AI, I run either the Join or Live Paint command to get proper shapes.