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This box maker has been mentioned before in the forums - It has a lot of interesting applications. I tried to make a box on the website, but I could not see how you could download a file. It generated a nice graphic but that is all I could do. I think the site is perhaps just for demo purposes. In reading more about it, the documentation suggests that it can be set up as an inkscape plug in. I get that (or at least I think I do) the .py files (which there seems to be a lot of them listed in the documentation) need to be placed in the inkscape extension file. What I can’t figure out is how to generate the needed .inx file. The github documentation suggests that needs to be run and it will generate the .inx files. This is what I can’t figure out - 1 do I have (any of) this part right and 2 if this is right, how do you execute and do all the py files need to be added to the extension file. I can’t see how to download as an executable file. Can one of the masters with Python/Computer fu help out? I appreciate any insight anyone can offer. -MakerMatthew

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Download the ‘pretty picture’ :slight_smile:
It’s an .svg

Or change the output to a .ps and use an editor to make it into an scg of your design

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How does one download the pretty picture? I see no download button. When I right click (I am on a mac so I ctrl click) there is not download option.

Right click
Save as…

Should default to an .svg file


it only gives me the option of save as web archive. I suppose I could try and export as a pdf the trace in inkscape. SVG would be better.

Oh, you’re using Safari I bet…

Try Chrome. Works great.

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You bet right! I had the thought because I use chrome exclusive for GF, but can’t seem to kick the safari habit.

In Safari try Save As and change it to “Page Source” in the dialog box

I think that also works


Chrome works! Thanks for the tips! Will try safari, too!

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Safari works, too if you use save as page source! Thanks again!

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