Boxes with magic fingers

Using I set out to make a simple box, with fingers too big and fingers too small and head fan issues I cut enough for many boxes but managed to put together only three but they are sort of nice…


Nice! They look like cigar boxes. :grinning:


Yes, they did come out nice! I like that zippered look those tiny tabs give the box edges.


They look great! The small fingers definitely would present a challenge dialing in the settings, but really look worth it.


i’ve done a couple of small tests with the small fingers and really like the look. Only downside is needing to be much more careful putting together tight fits. i think i will be doing this a lot more when i make boxes, it’s much more interesting looking than the standard default sizes in the box makers.


I really like that lower middle corner - it seems to be chamfered with a white filling ?
Or is that just the natural colour against the blue stain?
John :upside_down_face:

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Very nice! Would you share your settings for to achieve success for the small fingers?


[quote=“ptodd, post:7, topic:26152”]I did
Would you share your settings

I would if I had a conclusion of what they should be. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 140 speed and 90 to full power.
The liuan plywppd is weird stuff. Unlike the oak it can seem very fragile cutting so it popped out easily one time and not cutting the next. By contrast the oak plywood will take many passes with all the power you can give it and still not cut all the way through.

I still cant seem to find a good path The on again off again bit with the fan does not help or how easily the luan smoke can ignite to a flame which seems easier than any other wood I use


There red mahogany of the original wood is very thin and is white underneath so any deep sanding is not to be recommended. Both this and the Revolution plywood are similar in that. There is no blue stain so what you are seeing in that may be a trick of the light.

The fingers are extremely tight (I need a rubber hammer or clamps/vise to press them together and the depth of the fingers is a bit shy of the wood thickness so I have had to do some sanding to clean that up. As the original cuts were beyond tight I was happy to have them go together at all.

There should be a bit of discussion about the it is a series of unconnected lines that are combined but enclose no space so that if you try and boolean with them you get nothing.

To even have a defined area for a face all those lines need to be connected. In Inkscape this can be very labor intensive if you try to go to each corner and make each pair of end points a single point. If you try to select 100 pairs of points and try to do them all at once you will end up with a single point for all of them rather than each pair. What is needed is a line from each end to the nearest next line and that can be done globally.

Once you have a real shape it is a lot easier to modify and dynamic outset or inset can work.