Boxing up assistance - Seattle and SF

Hey all,

I’m thinking of shipping my unit from Seattle to SF and back for a work event. I’m REALLY intimidated by the thought of boxing it up. I have a professional/insurance shipper, so I’m not worried (too much) about it being mishandled. I’m more concerned about making sure I have all the bits and bobs packaged correctly. I have the original shipping box and pieces. Is anyone willing to help me package it up correctly? I would need someone in Seattle and someone in SF.

Please let me know! Thanks!

Just follow the unboxing instructions in reverse.


If only… :slight_smile: I’m looking for someone that has experience packaging the machines up and can help. Sometimes it’s nice to have someone with experience help out.

Are you asking for someone in person?

Yes - in person.

I know you’re looking for in-person assistance, but GF released this official packing video. At the very least, it would help anyone helping you.


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