Braille Font

Would it be possible to add a Braille font to the list of available fonts in the Premium text options?

I have made a few door signs and I think that it is an ADA requirement to include Braille on these signs. If not a requirement it would be a courteous gesture.


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A reasonable request. You need to email support, or post in Problems and Support. They don’t monitor the discussion forums.

you might need to check to make sure a laser generated braille would meet those requirements. not saying it won’t, but it generally doesn’t create the same kind of smooth surface that other processes do.

As a workaround, Inkscape v1.0 (free) includes the Braille Text extension in its basic install.


I tried it but couldn’t make it work. I did not invest a lot of time with it.


Step 1: Type text, e.g. “There is no try, only do”
Step 2: Go to: Text | Convert to Braille
Step 3: Press return:

Can’t speak for GF, of course, but the are just licensing the fonts an delivering them via an api. I highly doubt they have the ability to add a new font to the source api. ¯\(ツ)/¯

Best of luck.



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