Brain Candy Live!

My 8-year old son and I just got back from seeing Mythbuster-turned-Glowforge-consultant Adam Savage and Michael Steven’s Brain Candy Live!. We had a great time. As we left my son simply said “Well that was amazing.”

It was definitely geared slightly towards children, which is good! But they didn’t pull any punches with the science! It was fun and pure! Discussing gravity and vacuums and… balls. Adam even got to put his Charmin toilet paper history to good use. (I wonder if he realized how much toilet paper would play a role in his career.) They took questions in form of Tweets from the audience and answered them live.

There were Brain Candy Live! ping pong balls scattered throughout the audience and kids were encouraged to go up and grab one as a souvenir. Which is good because… 30 bucks for a stinkin’ t-shirt?! I mean, I bought one for my kid and all, but geez!

All in all, a very fun show and an enjoyable evening. If you have any interest, I recommend you see when it’s coming to a town near you.

  • Tom

Hmmm,what kind of plastic are ping pong balls made of?


I thought this was going to be a kids in the hall thread :stuck_out_tongue: they did Toronto sometime back. Everyone who went said it was a great show. I hope it inspired your son!


Celluloid, from what I’ve read. Which I know is extremely flammable. So, I’d think, not at all laserable. But don’t take my word for that… I’ve never lasered a thing in my life.


This made me laugh :joy:


It’s already starting to happen…

Person A: “Hi everybody, we did this thing/have this product and just wanted to let you know it was a wonderful experience.”

Person B: “Yes that’s fantastic, however, is it laserable?”



I definitely look at the world through… shall we say… laser-colored lenses. I’ve been doing that since the moment I saw Glowforge, which was months before I ordered one. Kept thinking “Yep. If I just bought that Glowforge thing I could do this. And I could do it better.” Finally, I bought that Glowforge thing. :wink: Can’t wait!


Oh everything I see I think to myself “I can make that.” or “Hmm, I can turn that into something else completely different.” Been doing that my whole life. It’s become such a problem that my friends will even beat me to the punchline. LOL.


There is a funny corollary for us physicians. At some point during medical school everything is reduced to a similar “can I put an IV in that?” You one day notice you are looking at some extremely hot actress/model’s photo or video and instead of commenting on her beauty you say to your buddy “man I could totally drop a 14-guage in that anticubital vein” and you aren’t using an euphemism…


Not sure if I should laugh or feel pity. :wink: Either way, hilarious.


I snortled! :joy:


the co2 lasers ive used in the past are about the color of the background on @mpipes’ m

so joking aside, they would be pretty close to rose-colored!


LOVE kids in the hall…

My pen…my pen…

Sausages!!! Sausages!!!’

Chicken Lady…

Crushing your head…


And those are probably the extent of quotes that could be posted from them on this forum.

Accept maybe Mr piedlourde.

Drove up to my mother’s place for a couple of day to work on a to-do list she’s been compiling. It seems like everywhere I turn these days I see something and either think, “I can make that on my Glowforge,” or, "I could make that better with my Glowforge :smile: "