Brand new basic for sale

I originally invested in Glowforge when it was on Kickstarter. My intent was to use the glowforge in my classroom. By the time I finally received my machine I had retired. I have a brand new, 0-hour machine that has never been taken out of the box including a brand new never opened box of sample materials. I am selling it because the only place I have to use the machine is in my shop where wifi will not reach (it is a metal building). I am selling the unit for $2k. Message me here if you are interested. I am located near Sacramento, CA


Dont give up just yet. I just installed an Orbi mesh network in my home. I have a metal building 200 feet from my house with wifi cameras that connect and stream flawlessly. It was about $200 dollars at Best Buy.


Ok, so the warranty is gone now, but you bought it with the understanding that the experience would be good for the kids, and you were spot-on with that. What about that child that still lives within you, the one that recognized the value?

If you really want to sell it, your general location would be helpful to prospective buyers. Good Luck!


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