Brand new Glowforge not cutting through "Gift of Good Measure"

Just got back from work and thought I would check the crumb tray on a level surface. It looks like only 3 of the feet on the crumb tray are touching, which is what is causing the wobble. I’d guesstimate it’s uneven by a good 1mm, possibly 1.5mm. You can see the gap in the bottom right picture. I know in 3d printing, even being off by .5mm can cause major issues, and I’m guessing it’s no different with laser cutting.

So it looks like I have some pretty significant issues with my crumb tray. Any idea how long support typically takes to respond? I sent a ticket yesterday evening but haven’t had any response yet. I am wondering if I should do anything at all with my Glowforge until this issue is fixed…

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If you mentioned the tray in your email, don’t send another one. Multiple tickets just slow things down.

Instead, send a reply to the automated response that they sent you, telling them that you tracked down the problem to the tray…and include pictures.

It’s the quickest way to get resolution or a response.

Thanks, that’s what I did- responded to the same ticket and updated the info along with the attachment.

I measured the height with a caliper, and interestingly enough, when the foot is off the ground, it’s surprisingly level, within .2mm (and it could be better- some of it may be human error in measuring, since it does wobble). I decided to conduct another job (this time 45 minutes!) on the baltic birch. Also using my 3d printed honeycomb pins which seem to be holding it down perfectly.

I wonder if that tray wasn’t damaged in shipping…I’ve never seen one with a broken grid.

Shouldn’t hurt anything to keep using it…just remember you might need to run a second pass if it doesn’t cut through in spots.

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It could have been, but the box looked fine. My guess is maybe there is something going on at the factory- I saw someone else had a similar warping problem in another thread. Maybe some bad QC?

My 45 minute job engraved really well, but even after two cuts it didn’t cut all the way through. I don’t really understand why the two passes cut out my other design on the BB plywood, but not on this one (which was a larger design, taking up about 8" in the center of the plywood).

Was this on BB too?

Yes, it was just a different sheet. The only difference I can think of, is that I didn’t tape it down, instead I used the honeycomb pins. It appeared to be holding it well, but perhaps there was some kind of bowing? I dunno.

Also, here is a picture (it is acutally an SVG file). The outside line on the circle is what didn’t cut.IMG_1647

What settings did you use?

The Proofgrade stuff is much more uniform in consistency than any other kind of material - you might have voids or glue plugs in there.

It’s usually not a bad idea to run a few tests on whatever non-PG material first, and shine a flashlight through it to check for voids and dense spots.

If you haven’t moved that on the bed yet, you can send it to cut a third time. Did you get a lot of char around it in certain spots?

(Okay…no char.)

Makes sense, I got this stuff on Amazon which claims it was ideal for laser cutting. Of course, who knows what that means :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I took it out of the bed, but I think I can salvage it (was planning on giving it as a gift to someone).

I did notice a lot of char in the outside circle.

Yeah, trust me when I tell you…“Safe for laser cutting” doesn’t mean easy to cut. (Been there done that.)

It looks pretty good, but for the next sheet of BB, try slowing the speed down by about 5 points, run a test and see if it cuts through in one pass. (I just use a little 1" square for testing.)

Thanks so much for helping me. I tried your suggestions (slowing down speed). I did two passes, and got about the same result. I still don’t see a mark on the other side of the plywood. I tried it on the original sheet that I was able to get cut since I still had room. I think I’m done trying for the night- but thanks for the help. I’ll have to try experimenting more with the speed. I think it was originally 170, and I lowered it to 165. Actually, it may have been 168 and I only lowered it by 3. Oh well, at least I have something else to try now! Thanks again.

It might be the kind of glue they used…some of that stuff is like trying to cut Bondo. (And some literally is Bondo from what I hear.) :smile:

The settings are going to change based on what kind of machine you have (I know…a Plus) and the thickness of the BB sheet as well, so those are a couple of other things to check tomorrow.

You might want to start out on the Proofgrade materials while you get comfortable with the machine at first…moving into other materials opens up a whole 'nother learning level. Each material is different, and needs to be tested.

Thanks! I would love to start with PG materials, but since my bed is warped, I’m kind of stuck with my 12x12 sheets. Maybe I could try and cut some of my PG materials down a bit but I’d rather leave them intact for when I do get my tray fixed. I am guessing it may be a bit before support gets back to me with a replacement bed, since I still haven’t heard anything from them yet.

If it was the 40 pack of 22x12x1/8" from Woodpeckers, it should be fine but may be warped or bowed.

I use it all the time with PG Medium Maple Ply settings. If I have an issue I drop the speed to 160. (Full power, Pro model)

In addition to checking that the edges are flat to the bed, tap the center to see if there is any give or hollow sound. That would indicate it’s bowed up a bit in the middle. With this design you don’t want to drop a magnet on it to flatten the bowing. Flip it over so now the edges are raised and pin it magnet them down. This time your tap test should not sound hollow in the center as it’s the lowest point and should be snug to the bed.

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Thanks, I am not using the woodpecker version, but it sounds very similar. I will try the 160 speed and see if that helps. I have also been using the Medium Maple Ply settings as well.

Check for bowing too.

I have only used the Woodpeckers stuff from Amazon (they have Prime shipping) but never have a problem with the 1/8" stuff. I did have some more erratic results with the 1/4" stuff but haven’t used that in a year I’d bet.


Thanks to all who chimed in to help locate the issue!


Thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry you ran into a snag so soon!

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.

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