Brand New Glowforge Pro w/ Accessories For Sale | Wisconsin | $5500


I purchased a Glowforge Pro in 2021. It is brand new and it is back in its original box. It has never been used - I don’t remember if I even finished the initial set up. However, the laser has 0 hours. Unfortunately, life happened, housing went up, and I won’t get the chance to use it in my tiny apartment. It no longer is under a warranty. I still have included $150 worth of proof grade materials. I would love to sell it for $5500. I originally paid a little over $6K for it for using Affirm. Pick up location will be in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

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Welcome to the community - I’m sad that your first time here is annoucing you’re leaving, but I do understand how life sometimes gets in the way!

Any buyer is going to want to confirm that it works - so if you haven’t finished that first set up, you’re going to want to do that first. When you have a buyer you’ll add them as a user, and then once they’re activated you can make them the primary user and then they can delete you (if it doesn’t work you can contact Support and they’ll do it for you.)

Good luck with the sale! You may want to post other places than here, since generally everyone here already has a machine.


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