Brand New Glowforge Pro


I’ve got a 2 week old Glowforge Pro unit, along with an Infinity 6" Inline fan (with 4" reduction connections) that I need to sell. Unfortunately for us, our Condo Association will not allow this to be used in our unit. Yep, should have looked into this. We put in an exterior vent and were ready to go upon arrival. No dice.

Anyway, we did a few cuts, so we have just about all of the sample kit of proof grade materials that were sent along with the unit.

No delivery on this - would need to be picked up. It’s still set up and a visit to check it out and its operation would be possible. The HOA is OK with us running it to show interested parties in the process of selling it. Located in Southern New Hampshire.

My understanding from GF is I can simply transfer the warranty to the buyer.

Looking for $5200 for the GF and the Infinity set up.



:worried: I’m sorry your HOA sucks. Do you have a non-condo dwelling friend or makerspace nearby you could make a deal with to house your GF so you can still use it?

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You might be able to get them to allow use with a filter? I bought one of these that needs a 12"->6" or 4" step down but can move 500 CFM at the max. I ended up using an inline fan instead but it has been amazing from when my first Glowforge exhaust died to even smelly cooking in the house like popcorn.

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Aw so sorry to hear this, it sucks.

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That’s a good point… @warren2 is it an exterior venting issue or a liability issue from having it in the condos? They make a lot of different laser filter systems that negate the need to vent externally. It will increase the cost of ownership a bit, and you may want to be a bit more picky about what materials you process to extend the filter life, but if it’s just an external venting issue, that could be a viable option.


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