BREAKING NEWS — Glowforge also makes friendships

I would have never imagined or believed three Glowforge community members would come into my life and make me feel so loved!!

Three individuals who make me laugh, make me cry with happiness and make me think.

Three souls I respect and appreciate.

Three cheerleaders who are cheering me on —- as I slowly learn to walk again.

Three hearts I cherish.

Yesterday a gift arrived from California. My beautiful Christy @CMadok was thinking of me when she saw this lovely box in California.

@CMadok @ElsieH @eflyguy I want you to know—-every time I receive a text or phone call it is also a treasured gift!

I deeply love all three.

Thank you for choosing me to be your friend. I will never take you for granted and I will always be a loyal and faithful companion.




I’m afraid that glowforge friendship settings are not standard and will need to be moved to “beyond the manual.”


More appreciation and gratefulness every day is just what the doctor ordered.

Excessive happiness!


Wow, they really picked an appropriate gift for you! If you are starting to walk again, that’s the best news of all. Yay!


That is beautiful!


Absolutely!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


So much joy to hear of the love and light these 3 sent you! Amazing the people we meet and become friends with as we walk this planet - the source of the friendship doesn’t matter in the end but it’s so cool to see the GF bring people together.


@cynd11 @rbtdanforth

I think I should have instead posted the phrase “learning to stand up again.”

A few months back, I hired a trainer and he guaranteed he would get me out of the wheelchair and walking within a year. To complete the entire process I will still need two surgeries. Cardio is 7 days a week, weightlifting and stretching are 5 days a week.

Last week three amazing things happened.

  1. For the first time since receiving my GF in September 2019, I was able to stand up, plug-in my GF, open the window, set up my exhaust system and finally turn on the machine—- all by myself!!

  2. I was able to stand up from the wheel chair, get both of my legs on the running board, and step into my SUV without any assistance

  3. Last Saturday. I stood up for my wheelchair and danced for 30 seconds to I’m So Excited by The Pointer Sisters.

As I was trying to dance I was moving around like Herman Munster but I was still up and dancing without falling over.


This is fantastic! Your hard work, determination and grit will get you dancing to entire songs. We’ll be seeing you on TikTok one day soon.


Ohmygosh, that is just amazing!


That is really great!


So incredibly happy for you! (And I have no doubt that you’ll be kicking ass both figuratively AND literally soon!) :smile:


This was such a positive read for this morning. Thank you for sharing and good luck on continued success!!!


My three amigos know my end of the year plans. In December, if I am out of the wheelchair and walking —- I have 2 goals.

  1. I am going to run out of my house and down my neighborhood street in a “natural” state.

  2. I am going to move to Las Vegas for 3 months and become a dancer. This the only way I can quickly recoup the money my trainer is charging me. @CMadok is going to join me but she is going be a cocktail waitress. I even have my stage name — Tennessee Sweetness.

It would be great if @aanden could babysit Jimmy Wayne Westie while I am working.

When I told Eric my plans he said “I can not believe you are going to leave Jimmy Wayne Westie here. He is your best friend and you are going to break his heart!”

I quickly said “Jimmy Wayne Westie is coming with me —- I am leaving you and Black Betty here”

The look on Eric‘s face was very similar to this precious little kitty’s expression.


We’ve had as many as 16 dog when we were training for the Horse roundups.


Congratulations— you are now Jimmy Wayne Westie”s sitter!!! He is a well behaved pup and very very loving.

Only one little issue or maybe two issues. He is a solid 31 pounds and he wants to sleep on top of your head. He does give you a warning. He takes his paw and lightly touches your face and then he just plops down right across your face.

I hope you do not have any breathing problems.


I’m so pleased to hear you are seeing results from your hard work! Keep it up. Keep telling yourself, “I’ve got grit and I don’t quit!”


Remarkable! Never give up, never surrender. And Hermann Munster is one frosty dude. BTW anyone else think Ted Cruz looks like grandpa Munster?


I don’t know you, but this brought a tear to my eye. Such beautiful folks.

Hope you’re mending-up continues to go well.


I know you put your heart with a post when you attach a video. I have told you before it makes me smile when I watch a video you posted!!


This is a very beautiful quote!!

My baby brother is an East Tennessee good olé boy and he has a thick hillbilly drawl. After I told him I was able to stand up and dance he said “Hey, you need to do one of those Tic “TAC” videos.

If you ever come to Knoxville I want you to let me know. We have a used bookstore that sells vintage board games.

Every time I see a post from you I smile because I automatically think about my Mother. Your username reminds me of New Orleans. In the early 1970s, a lady from New Orleans showed my Mom how to make beignets. I never learned to make them and unfortunately the beignets ended when she passed away in 2001.

OMG—-Ted does look like him!!

As a woman the very first thing I notice about another woman is her eyebrows and eyes. I remember the first time I saw your profile picture —-instantly I thought “Wow she has the most beautiful eyebrows and eyes!! I also love your profile picture. You are a very beautiful woman that has that fresh faced Noxzema complexion!!