Breaking up with your first GF

No matter the amount of the masks, they were appreciated for sure. You’re a saint to teach sewing classes. I would for sure struggle to figure out the right way to onboard sewers. My focus of sewing has always been in sailboats (sails, and interior) and elaborate dresses/gowns, both of which require lots of fabric. So I had a shed of fabric to dispense of. I tried to go to the fabric store at one point and people were getting in line at 4 am.

The ear savers were what officially put glowforge on my list of machines to get. I love that the glowforge community came together to help.


I checked out your IG a couple days ago. I love the dresses! Almost made me want to clear a space for my sewing machines and start again. I do miss it.

I’m sure the fabric store has calmed down now, but the last time I went, only specialty fabrics and long lines awaited me. And my friend who likes the Walmart fabric section, she called me once to say it was completely empty. So during the stay at home orders she was using her old bedsheets and table clothes to sew her clothes.