Brief Power Outage Mid-print

I am printing leather links for the leather chain strap for my wooden purse. They are coming out great, but I need to do 2 passes to get it to cut completely through.

Everything was going great, but not long after the second pass started, we had a brief power outage. I moved nothing on screen, nothing on the bed. I did not even open it. I set it to do the second pass again, and it is completely misaligned. I cancelled the print right away.

Is there any way to get this right, or am I stuck cutting all of this with scissors?

If you didn’t touch a thing, you should be fine continuing with your print. The camera uses a fisheye lens and shows things out of alignment like this. This is a really common issue that comes up often.

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I’d do the math. Cost of materials versus time and quality of end result… you might find that just redoing the entire job might be he best option unless you really love cutting things by hand and/or have a really low hourly rate for yourself.


I think it will over write what you already have just fine, if you used the set focus to get your thickness I would be sure to do that first, but would not reposition anything. Watch it closely to be sure it cuts in the original location, but if it is off hit the start button to stop it before it ruins some of what you already have. Good luck.

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Well, I guess it will be a gamble to see which method will bring the best outcome. @davidgal2’s suggestion is a good one. Watch it during first cut and see if it’s lining up as it should.

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i manually re-align the image (using 300% zoom) then start with my finger hovering over the button to make sure its REALLY aligned, if not - reposition and try again, you MAY lose one link, but I have done it with much success.


DON’T realign. Leave everything exactly the way it was and the machine will do it exactly the way it did before. If you realign, it’s going to be off.


mathematically speaking the same lens, with the same positions MAY net her the same results, she should give it a try, then go to other methods if it fails.

As long as you don’t move anything (material or artwork) it will run fine. Pay no attention to the screen looking like it is off.


I’ll chime in and agree. Things may look really off on the screen, however, if you haven’t moved anything, it will cut in the very same spot…


That is exactly what I did, but it cut out of alignment.

It did not cut in the same spot. The left side shows actual cuts out of alignment.

The arrows point to actual cuts that are misaligned. I did not move anything.

No such luck my friend.

Did you do a new “set focus” on your material? If you lost power then doing set focus will reset the material height for you and things should line-up again.

Please note the arrows point to actual cuts out of alignment. It did not cut in the same place.

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I used to occasionally cut some wood puzzles by hand where the wood had some sort of deficiency and didn’t cut all the way through. I finally said enough of this nonsense and would just reprint and go again. The time suck always worked against me, no matter how optimistic or “small” of a job I told myself it was.

If it’s out of alignment, the chances of saving it are slim IMO. Was it just uploaded and left alone, or moved around, or? With nothing moved, it should have lined back up. The head centering process is surprisingly repeatable.


I did not move anything at all. It should have printed exactly on top of the first pass, but it did not.

OK this will be my do or die attempt!

I strongly suspect your lid camera, or the top of the print head, are dirty.

That’s just about the only reason the machine won’t re-print in the exact same spot if you truly didn’t move anything. This is two prints, and I had removed the material and the tray from the machine, with the power off between them. My machine has been this way since day one.