Briliance Laser Inks - Smell?

Hey everyone!

I have a patron who has brought in a bit of aluminum to engrave on our Glowforge Pro.
I haven’t engraved on metal yet, and he’s covered the piece with Brilliance Laser Ink.
(something I hadn’t heard of until today. This is cool, I hope this works so I can pass it along to other patrons)
However, I’ve seen other posts about the inks, and that they work well and the speeds - and that is great.

My question is - we are a library maker space, that has no outside vent, just through the filter.

I’ve actually nixed Leather off of our engraving list due to l, and generally just do wood, acrylic, and
ceramic tiles.

Do I need to worry about the smell, or because we are running through the filter we would be okay?



If the filter is working correctly you should get little to no smell off anything. Acrylic is one of the worst smells (away worse than leather IMO), so if that’s ok you’re likely ok.


I don’t notice any smell when I’ve used that in the past. You engrave then wash the rest off.

I don’t find that it marks as well as cermark, but it is way less expensive and could just be my experience.