Brilliance laser ink test

Found a Cermark alternative called “Brilliance” for $50. I haven’t tried Cermark or Laserbond so can’t really compare the results, but a heck of a lot better than the Molly I tried.

My first test runs at 600/full on stainless steel. It dries in a just a few minutes and wipes of really easily. No scrubbing at all.

Man, it’s hard to get a good photo it.


Thanks for the review of it. Have you tried to scratch off the design to see how tuff it is?


Also is it food safe?


I believe the process deposits an oxide layer. I wonder if lasering it again will remove it like it does to anodized metal…?

I scrubbed it with a magic eraser and there was no change so it seems pretty tough.


I hear ya on the difficulty in photographing stuff like this. I’ve been fooling with LaserBond and have the same problem documenting my tests. Are you going to test on any other metals? I tried some on brass and had less than desirable results. The lettering had a ghosting effect when I finished.

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I hate doing product photography (because I suck at it)… that disclaimer out of the way - diffused light oughta help ya get there.


I had a bunch of “bright” luggage tags that I needed to put something on, so I bought this too.

I was expecting a darker finish (in spite of your photos - no idea what I was thinking), but I do like the gray look as well.

The stuff dried fast and it comes off easy. Real easy. On the left my thumb lightly brushed the luggage tag when I was positioning them in my jig. I decided to engrave anyway. Now I know, so I’ll re-spray next time that happens.


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